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Owing to the unhealthy and unhygienic practices in the Indian bakery and food processing industry, Goodrich made its way into the market to transit to a more healthy and hygienic path of bakery and dairy production. Goodrich, as a business conglomerate, has diversified commercial interests and activities and offers the best services to a large clientele. It all began in the year 2002 when Goodrich Carbohydrates Limited started manufacturing Liquid Glucose and Maltodextrin powder using the state of the art production facility at Karnal (Haryana). It was the first commercial production facility in India to use unconventional broken rice to produce Liquid Glucose and Maltodextrin powder.

Goodrich entered the bakery and HoReCa market in the year 2009 and introduced a wide range of Non-Dairy Whip Topping, Eggless Cake Concentrates & Premixes followed by Pure/Industrial Chocolate Slabs, Chocó Chips, Chocolate Paste, Pizza Topping Cheese, Neutral and Flavoured Decorative Glazes. We haven’t looked back since.

Soham Foods is a subsidiary of Goodrich Carbohydrates ltd for E-commerce business

Do you also miss the essence of your grandmother’s cooking? The secret to our grandmother’s cooking used to be the quality and rich taste of the food that, in the current times, has lost its purity and taste. Our brand, Goodrich, attempts to bring those golden and tasty days back with our top-quality products.

The big question is- How do we plan on doing it?

The company strives to provide our customers with the best quality bakery and food products and services manufactured with premium quality ingredients. Not just the customers, we also believe in giving back to our society and environment. Our manufacturing process involves conscious and responsible sourcing of our raw materials while assuring proper waste management. The highest standards of ethics and morale are followed throughout the process.

Our Mission

Recently We have started manufacturing Beverage Whitener . We have recently commissioned 5000 ltr/hr

Dairy Plant and will start Desi Ghee , Flavored Milk and Mozzarella Cheese. We will be commissioning our new Chocolate and Fruit Crushes Plant for Bakery and HORECA customers in 2020.

Our Vission

To inspire passion through quality, holistic education encompassing skills, knowledge, and values, while providing unfailing support and guidance for students to advance into a fulfilling career.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Founder

Our Campus

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